Artist's Statement



Artist's Statement

As a fine art photographer, my work is often sparked by conceptual ideas, and I explore the seeds that ignite my imagination. I begin with concepts and techniques that are authentic to me. I am always intrigued by what is hidden, whether it is the abstract study of light bouncing off walls, or layers of translucency obscuring an object from view. The transcendence of object as memory is woven into much of my work. I am drawn to presenting these concerns in a classic approach, simplifying the complex dignity of person, place or thing. My aim is to create images that evoke forgotten moments from the past, while exploring them newly.

I have worked with large and medium format film cameras and the zone system, darkroom processes, color analog printing, and most recently, digital capture and ink jet printing. Each approach and method has become a part of my photographic vocabulary and has opened new options for me in seeing.



2017 - 8th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, New York (Curated by Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli)

2017 - FRESH: Fifteen Photographers, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Personal Projects from the Aline Smithson Workshop

2016 - Night Photography: Dusk to Dawn, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont (Juror Lance Keimig)

2016 - Out of the Woods: Fairy Tales Re-Imagined, Wood Sentries Gallery, Somerville, Massachusetts (Curated by Boriana Kantcheva and Micah Eglinton-Woods)

2016 - Griffin Museum, 22 Juried Show Blog Exhibition, Winchester, Massachusetts (Curated by Paula Tognarelli)

2016 - PH21 Gallery, Juried Competition - Honorable Mention, Budapest, Hungary (Juror Zsolt Batori)

2016 - Women's Works Show, Nave Gallery, Woodstock, Illinois 

2015 - Friday Night Dinners, Studio J, Seattle, Washington

2015 - 2nd Photographic Competition, Peter Miller Fine Art, Providence, Rhode Island (Juror Paula Tognarelli) 

2007 - Oxacan Portraits, Arosa, Seattle, Washington 

2005 - Photography 4th Image Biennial Exhibition, Wellington Gray Gallery, North Carolina (Juror Maggie Taylor)

2004 - Visual Proof, Photographic Center Northwest 9th Annual Competition - Honorable Mention, Seattle, Washington (Juror Roy Flukinger)

2002 - Time, Space and the Image, Group Exhibition, Side Show Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2001 - Pacific Northwest Annual Exhibition, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington (Juror Sue Spaid)



Bailey-Boushay House Collection, Seattle, Washington 


Professional Experience

1979 - 1995 Principal - Edelstein Associates Advertising
2011 - 2015 Principal - Biographica Custom Book Design 



BFA - University of Michigan - 1973
Photographic Center Northwest, 1999 - 2006

Travel Workshops
    Lucas Samaras, Marie Cosindas, ICP New York, Venezia '79
    Mary Ellen Mark, Oaxaca, Mexico - 2005 / 2006
    ICP New York, Bejing - 2009

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
    Cig Harvey - 2012
    Aline Smithson - 2014

Los Angeles Photographic Center  Workshops
   Aline Smithson - The Personal Project - 2017



Nancy lives and works in Seattle




All images © 2001-2016 Nancy Edelstein   All rights reserved

All images © 2001-2016 Nancy Edelstein   All rights reserved