2019 Back to School Newsletter

2018 Back to School Newsletter

This summer I spent six weeks in Baltimore, beginning a low residency, interdisciplinary MFA program at MICA - Maryland Institute College of the Arts. This was the first of four summers for me, where the rigorous schedule required an intense introduction to art critique. I attended multiple visiting artist lectures and thesis presentations, engaged in deep conversations with my mentor, and learned the basics of wood shop and sound recording. In the studio, I primarily explored new kinds of art making, coming off the walls and outside of my photographic box. Of course I met incredible people, and am now home processing and preparing for more reading, writing and art making required throughout the year. This has been one of the most difficult challenges I have ever undertaken, but one of the best.

Here is a narrated slideshow of my demonstrations during these six weeks. I welcome your questions and comments, and look forward to sharing more with you over the next three years.